Monday, 22 May 2017

Plaid Cymru continue to do the Tories’ work for them

Wayne David, Welsh Labour’s General Election campaign chair and candidate for Caerphilly, said:
“Plaid Cymru continue to do the Tories’ work for them, talking Wales down and leaving the door open for five more years of Tory cuts in Wales. Only Welsh Labour are standing up for Wales, on jobs, investment in public services and on housing.

“On every key issue facing Wales at this election, Plaid are rudderless and divided, hamstrung by their obsession with dogma over delivery.

“The Nationalists are divided over Brexit, silent on Wylfa Newydd, and have no credible plan for the infrastructure investment that Wales needs. They have also voted repeatedly with the Tories and UKIP in Wales to try and block funding for our schools and NHS.

“Unforgivably, Plaid Cymru have twice tried to put the Tories into Government in Wales. Despite saying throughout the Assembly campaign that they would never do a deal with the Tories, the first thing Plaid did after the election was to reach out to the Tories and UKIP to form a government.

“It’s more clear than ever that this General Election is a straight fight between Welsh Labour and the Tories. Leanne Wood knows her party cannot win the election, and a vote for Plaid Cymru will help hand victory to the Tories.”