Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ed Miliband writes in the Sunday Mirror on Cameron and Osborne over welfare cuts

Ed Miliband said in the Sunday Mirror. This week we found out that the Government’s economic experiment is failing.

And we found out that instead of charging course, getting jobs and growth, they decided to plough on with austerity and make you pay the price.

I believe in the principle that those who can work should.

It’s why we have said that all young people should be offered a guaranteed job after a year and should not have the option of refusing to work.

We should be tough on the minority who can work and try to avoid responsibility.

But there comes a moment when a government is exposed for who they are.

That happened to David Cameron and George Osborne this week.

They showed they are not fit to govern because they played political games with people’s livelihoods.

They said they were cutting benefits for the next three years and the mood music was that it was a way to punish the “shirkers and scroungers”. But the truth turned out to be so different.

Six out of 10 people hit by these cuts are people who get up every morning and to go to work. The lowest paid families getting tax credits. The new mum who will lose £180 in maternity pay.

And it will also hit the people doing the thing, trying to find work, like the trained professional I met in my constituency, unemployed for about a year, desperate to find it.

 I don’t know whether our Chancellor and Prime Minister ever meet people like this. If they do, they show no sign of it in the way they divide Britain.

But they show all the signs of understanding the needs of a different group: the richest in society.

Next April , each person earing over £ 1 million a year will be getting on average a tax cut  of £107,000 each m no just for one year, but every year.

That is who these Tories are: out of touch with the vast majority, on the side of the wrong people

One Nation Labour is about a different approach: let government show it responsibility by help people back into work.

Let people show theirs by taking the work on offer.

That is the way to keep down the welfare bills; with an economy that is working again.

And let’s be One Nation, not a country divided further and further by a government that literally does not understand the lives of the people seek to govern.