Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Energy Bill is unworkable

MPs have said the Treasury of making government’s clean energy revolution unworkable and creating the risk of higher household bills.

They said the treasury change to the draft Energy Bill will increase the risk of borrowing for investors.

They added that it would put up the cost of renewable and nuclear power, with customers bearing the extra cost.

Labour Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Caroline flint said: “Britain energy policy to secure investment for low carbon energy and jobs, fairer prices and more competition.

“Labour has been warning for the last year that we need an Energy Bill to challenge the dominance of the Big Six, secure low carbon investment fairer and support for energy efficiency. The draft bill does not meet this test.

“George Osborne’s meddling in energy police is more to do with courting his anti – clean energy backbenchers, than securing the jobs and growth low carbon investment offers, which Britain badly needs.

“in a month in which it was revealed that DECC had an underspend totalling hundred of millions of pounds , the Government ducked a decision on support for renewable energy and the DECC Permanent Secretary resigned, the select committee report is just the latest indication that Government energy policy is in turmoil.”