Monday, 13 February 2012

Boris Johnson offensive comment toward the London Irish community

Boris Johnson told the New statement “I’ll tell you what me angry – lefty crap”, he thunders in response. Like?” well, like spending £20,000 on a dinner at the Dorchester for Sin Fein!” in a interview in the new statement with Jemima Khan

Key Points

·         This in face the Annual St Patrick Day Gala Dinner

·         The annual St Patrick Day dinner was intuited at the request of the of the Irish community and sponsored by the Irish Post, and a range of business sponsors particularity in the construction industry.

·         It was organised on a basis of no net cost to the Public purse. Each year in not only covered costs from sponsorship and ticket sales but made a donation to an Irish community charity in London and also towards the costs of the St Patrick’s Day parade and festival.

·         All the main Irish political parties north and south were in invited and the Irish ambassador, representatives from many Irish parties attended.

·         Prominent attendees at the annual St Patrick’s Day gala Dinner included Dermot O ‘Leary, Bob Geldof, Pauline MacLynn (From Father Ted) and Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners.

·         The Sponsorship of the dinner expressed the support from Irish and Irish diaspora business for the ration of the contribution of the Irish community to London, and was attended by representatives sections of the London Irish community.

·         Despite it paying for itself, Boris Johnson withdrew support from the dinner when he was elected.

Labour’s Shadow Secretary of state for Northern Ireland, Vernon Coaker said: “Irish Londoners have made a contribution to the peace process in Northern Ireland, and to building positive relations between the UK and Ireland. The St Patrick’s Day celebrations and all the work Ken Livingstone did as Mayor played an important role in that. Boris Johnson ‘s comments are ill- judged, inaccurate and offensive.”