Monday, 16 August 2010

The Reason I will be voting For Ed Miliband at the Leadership contest

Ed Miliband is the right candidate to be the next Labour Party leader because i believe he can win Labour back into government and learn the mistake before we lost the General election. He can fight the Conservative and Liberal Coalition Government cuts and plans to rig constituency boundaries.”

A new approach to economy

A Living Wage, a High Pay Commission and more support for industry and high skill jobs to get the economy growing again.

A new a approach to Public services

Rejecting idea that private is a good and public is bad, more freedom for workers in the NHS ,schools and local government ,a graduate tax in place of tuition fees, and taking the fight to the Tories and Lib Dems on their plans to slashing services.

A new approach to foreign policy

Ensuring that war is always the last resort and that our foreign policy is based on our values, not just our alliances.

A new approach to crime

A new focus on protecting victims by tackling the cause of crime as well as its consequence ;support things that work, like CCTV camera but an end to the excessive use of stop and search powers and to ID cards.

A new approach to politics

More powers for local government and local communities, women to make up 50% of the shadow cabinet; ending the macho, top down style of politics; and fighting the coalition’s plans to rig constituency boundaries.

A new role for party members

Creating a living, breathing movement more say for party members in policy making; greater focus on local campaigning and an elected chair.