Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lord Nick Kinnock reveals why he Backing Ed Miliband

Like millions of other remember the Tory year that ruined countless lives. I know how important Labour victory is. That’s why I’m backing Ed Miliband to be Labour’s leader and our next Prime Minister .He’s got what it takes :The Strength of character and conviction to show that Labour’s values of care, opportunity, security ,fairness and freedom are practical modern answer, not old theories.

The ability to connect with voters who felt Labour had drifted away from, and voters who are focussed on the future, people with ambition seeking fair chances for them selves and their families. The clarity, the passion and the determination to fight the Tory and Liberal Coalition of cutters and con merchants. Theses are all vital assests. In addition. Ed has confidence but no arrogance. He will NEVER take voter for granted. He has a special ability o lift spirits and motivates people the capacity to inspire.

His Campaigning for the living wage for more than £7 an hour proves that. Today, hundreds of Labour councillors are joining Ed in that campaign. And he’s reaching out to people who have been betrayed by the Liberal Democrats. People who voted for a fairer country, but are now seeing Cleggs cronies doing Cameron dirty work. With Ed, they can be Labour because:
• He gets the reality that national debts must be cut in ways that don’t stifle economic recovery, sabotage vital public services, and destroy jobs.

• And because he gets the tragic fact that Iraq shattered trust in Labour, Ed is dedicated shaping a foreign policy according to the common sense values rather than the ambitions of allies.
I know that Ed is proud of Labour achievements. I also know that he is determined to build one the successes and to modernise policies to fit the changing needs and hopes of the British people. He has the skill, toughness and loyalty to principles and people which give his politics a strong sense of purpose. That’s why he’s the man to lead Labour, to put services and sincerity back the core of democracy and to earn the of Government again.