Saturday, 7 August 2010

Education Secretary Michael Gove the Grinch who sole Christmas.

Plans to axe 700 school building projects face chaos as councils launch a legal challenge to shambolic cut programme.
Gaffe prone Education Secretary Michael Gove issued an apology to Sandwell council on Thursday after he first told them their school rebuilding programme could go ahead and then said they could not. But the leader Darren Cooper told Mr Gove he believed that the town’s schools had been crossed off “the rebuilds list because they were in a Labour control area. And he revealed they and a number of other Labour councils are planning a judicial challenge. Councillor Cooper looked at the first list and saw there were nine schools going a head in Labour controlled Sandwell and crossed them off. The borough next to us, Wolverhampton, is a Tory controlled Council and they got their schools.
He said he was in talks with Labour controlled Wigan and Nottingham about launching a judicial review to the cuts programme which could delay hundreds of projects and cost millions.
Pupils from the area told mr Gove how they had to study in temporary classrooms which were freezing in the winter and leaked everytime it rained but they were turned away with no extra money.