Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tributes to Michael Foot die at age 96

Tributes have been paid to former Labour leader and cabinet minister Michael Foot, who died at the age of 96.Prime Minister Gordon Brown, described him as a man of “deep principle and passionate ideal ism” and one of the most eloquent speakers Britain has ever heard. “He was an indomitable figure who always stood up for his beliefs .people, no matter their political views, will mourn the passing of a great and compassionate man.

Tony Benn told sky News “He was a very formidable writer and a very powerful speaker electrifying audiences “, justice secretary jack straw told MPs how he witnessed Mr foot “hold the House “with a speech. Which he witnessed “with the same incredulity that i witnessed the imagination behind a Mozart concerto”.

Former deputy PM John Prescott said Mr Foot was “the heart of our movement.