Monday, 8 February 2010

David Cameron Cheap way for new schools over a run down flat over the local off licence

The Tories were yesterday accused of wanting schools “setup in rundown flats and above off-licences “with a plan to scrap rules that maintain standards.

In a shocking admission they said town hall should be stripped of powers to limit where new schools can be setup. A leaked planning policy document said:”For the(education )policy document successful it is essential that unnecessary bureaucracy is not permitted to stifle the creation of new community schools.

”Shadow Planning minster Bob Neill claimed it would help communities and parents establish new schools. But Teachers and ministers warned Mr Cameron’s plan would be disastrous, leading to fewer safety checks and extreme group setting up schools in odd locations.

School Minister Vernon Coaker said:”It would set back the big improvements in standards of the last 12 years.”

Chris keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT teachers union, said:Its not rational .The ambition for our Children should be state of the art facilities not a run down flat over the local off-licence.”

Conservative Party policy means

· Failure of building news schools in local government,

· Over crowding in class rooms, cold porter cabins where children will be suffering.