Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cameron turns nasty as polls spell trouble

David Cameron launched a poisonous attack on Gordon Brown yesterday as poll panic spread in the Tory party. Cameron who once said he would avoid “Punch and Judy politics claimed the PM was “secretive powers holding controlling”.
He accused the Mr Brown of doing nothing while Labour MPs charged with theft over expenses used the ancient law of parliamentary privilege in a bid to avoid standing trial. His out burst came as polls shows Tory support below 40% figure they need for a common majority.
But his Toxic attack back fired as it was revealed it was the Tories who only last year blocked reforms to stop MPs using parliamentary privilege as a defence in criminal trial. Conservative Party spokesman Alan Duncan told the Commons last June the move “must be resisted”, Justice Secretary Jack straw said:”David Cameron position is breathtaking for it sheer hypocrisy. “Just a few months ago the Tories were actively sabotaging all efforts to exclude parliamentary privilege from the new laws on MPS’ expenses. “Now Mr Cameron lust for an easy headline has provoked yet another bout rank opportunism. The public will see right through it.”Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg said Mr Cameron’s “personal” approach was an attempt to hide his party’s own inaction on reform.”It’s a con,”he said.
Mr Cameron’s speech could also jeopardise the trail of the three charged MPs, Elliot Morley, David Chaytor and Jim Devine. His character attack tactics are seen as a sign of weakens in the Conservative Party after a disastrous few weeks where there have been u turns on a series of key politices.
Nr Cameron is moving from the Commons to Tory HQ to exert a tighter grip over election preparations. Senior Tories privately admit a £400.00 poster campaign last month was not as successful as they’d hoped. Mr Cameron has also axed plans to seek a meeting with Barack Obama. Who would have seen as briefly, in case it was seen a snub.