Saturday, 12 December 2009

TORY Leader and Shadow Chancellor expenses

David Cameron slapped in a £1.081 Second home expenses bill two days after saying Mps must accept the system needed radical reform.

Millionaire Mr Cameron put up in his bill for a mortgage interest payments oh May 12 part of an annual second home claim that cost the taxpayers £20.240.15.But May 10 he had said :”the public are really angry and we got to start by saying “Look this system was wrong and we are sorry about that“.

George Osborne Shadow Chancellor

Shadow Chancellor put in a bill for £121 for checking in his Aga oven. He also claimed almost £800 for cleaning in a month, including £225 for an exterior jet wash and £140 quarterly blitz clean. Osborne charged taxpayers more than £16.000 for his mortgage and claimed almost 1.900 for heating. Other bills included £147.54 bill for labour, fan shutters, plug tops, core flex, bulb holder and brass lamp holder.
His total claims exceeded the £24.006 limit for second home and commons officials docked his expenses by £41.

In Total 714.546

David Cameron Leader of the Conservative


£20.240.15 for a second home allowance.

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Conservative Shadow Cabinet expense

Andrew Mitchell Shadow international Development Secretary Claimed 2.604.74 for the replacement of a rotten window at his home. His cleaning and gardening bill in December reached £586.50

David willetts claimed for builders to supply and replace 10 light bulbs ,four dimmer switches and a window lock in a total bill worth £1.040

Jeremy Hunt Shadow Culture Secretary was forced to return £9,500 in second home expenses. He also found to have breached expenses rules by allowing his agent to live rent free in his taxpayers subsidised home.

Grant Shapps Shadow housing minister, who normally commutes to Parliament from his home in Hertfordshire ,charged nearly £2.500 for occasional overnight hotel stays in the capital.

Caroline spelman claimed £4.069.96 for bills,£589.30 for electricity and £3480.63 for her gas.