Sunday, 13 December 2009

Legislation for MP and Peers have to pay taxes

A Conservative government would rush through legislation requiring all Mps and peers to pay taxes in the UK,David Cameron has said.

The Tory party leader told sky news Sunday live programme he wanted to put the tax status of parliamentarians “beyond doubt“.Mr Cameron has repeatedly came under pressure explain the tax status of Lord Ashcroft, who has business interests in Belize and who has donated more than £5bn to the party.

When he was made a Conservative peer in 2000,he gave an undertaking that he would pay taxes in the UK .More recently, it was disclosed that another wealthy conservative ,Zac Goldsmith, the party’s candidate for Richmond ,was non-domiciled for tax purposes-a position which he said he was ending.

Mr Cameron said a new law would put an end to such tax related controversies.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said : a law change was not needed, saying the Conservatives could just bring in such a rule for all its peers and MPs now.

Labour Party spokesman :called it a "brazen attempt... to obscure the truth about Lord Ashcroft's tax status" and said it was "a largely academic point... [as] no non-doms sit in the House of Commons".

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said: "It is the height of hypocrisy for the Tories to suggest a new law when they opposed Liberal Democrat Lord Oakeshott's bill to stop non-doms sitting as peers.

"Someone who wants to pass laws about tax in this country ought to pay this country's full taxes, and not hide behind the special offshore status of non-doms."

John Prescott MP said : on his twitter status Why does Cameron need to bring in legislation to clarify Lord Ashcroft's tax status? Just bloody ask him! #taxcon

My Comment
David Cameron Conservative Party failed to ask Mr Goldsmith and Lord Ashcroft why you not paying tax in the UK.Him and the Shadow Chancellor have been planning to cut inheritance tax for the wealthy estates.