Monday, 7 December 2009

David Cameron banned Press from alone Parents Speech

Fearful David Cameron has banned newspapers from a speech to single mums today in case he heckled and humiliated.

The Tory chief faces an audience of lone parents likely to be furious about his rob the poor tax proposals .So his advisers, terrifield of taunts and slow hand clapping. Have told him to limit publicly. Jane Ahrens the charity spokesman, Said:” They wanted to keep it very low key and quiet”.

The Mirror revealed Mr Cameron’s Plans to give married couples extra tax allowance would benefit the rich 10% of population by up to £310 a year.

Yet single mothers, widows and working mums get nothing .Labour MP Stephen Hepburn said “it bad enough he want to discriminate against single mums.”Now he not prepared to debate the plans.” Critics said the proposals would be like “robbing the poor to pay the rich “and would fund “ladies of leisure”.

The Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott said:”why should single mothers who work to bring up a family to pay more tax to support women who don’t?”