Thursday, 17 December 2009

Boris is Scrooge

The funning of free trains on New Years Eve has been scrapped by Boris Johnson. Free ,all night New Years travel was initiated by Ken Livingstone 6 years go. Millions of people have since benefited from the scheme. Whatever people chose to do they could move freely about the city and be confident that they could get home safely and with out fuss.

The move to scrap free travel will especially affect those who live in outer Londoner suburbs. Labour Deputy Leader on the London Assembly said “This will hit commuters in the suburbs the hardest as they are the ones least access to the Tube. The Mayor did promise to stick up for outer London but this is just another betrayal of his promise.”

Johnson claims that the cut will save TFL £100.000 and will help to fill the £5 billion black hole in TFL’s budget but it is Boris Johnson policies that are losing millions of pounds of income with the decision to axe the western half of the congestion charge and the cancellation of £25 congestion charge on the worst polluting gas guzzling cars.Plubic transport passengers are paying the price of these reckless policies when time are already hard.

The free travel cut is bound to deter thousands of people from coming in to Central London. The loss of revenue to businesses in Central London will be vast.

The slashing of free travel is the start of an expensive 2010 for Londoners with high fares rises in Tfl’s history on 4 January.