Monday, 2 November 2009

Jacqui Smith disgrace of her own expenses

Ex Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has sensationally admitted her expenses shame was a “disgrace” that should bar her from becoming a peer.
Former holders of the post are traditionally given a House of Lords Seat.
But Ms Smith said she should be ruled out after raking in £64.240 by falsely claiming her sister’s house as her main home and getting her husband’s £10 porn films put on her expenses. Quizzed about MP’s expenses on BBC 1 Question Time, she said:”I don’t think people who have been disgraced should go to the House of Lords.”
When David Dimbleby asked if she was among those “disgraced”, she finally own up:”Yes to a certain extent I think I have been. Think it’s obvious because I have made an apology to Parliament that I was wrong.”Ms Smith added:”Clearly, my judgement was wrong. My job now is to work to rebuild people trust in me as their constituency representative and to rebuild my ability to talk about things that brought me into politics me into politics. “Commons standards commissioner john Lyon ordered her to apologise to MPs after police records showed her in Redditch was real main residence as she spent more time there.