Monday, 2 November 2009

Cameron will distroy Britain if it not part of the EU

I welcome this because we need to change the ways we use the banks and we can’t go back in there old ways with bonus.
David Cameron wants Foreign Secretary David Miliband to apologise for comments about a Tory ally in Europe. The Tory leader said at BBC interview Poland’s Chief Rabbi did not believe Polish MEP Michal Kaminski was anti-Semitic.
Mr Miliband had quoted the rabbi to attack Mr Kaminski for having “an anti –Semitic neo-Nazi past”. He said that quote stood and accused the Tories of a “divorce from the mainstream “of Europe.
Tuesday 27th of October 2009 the Daily Mirror reports that David Cameron been warned by the American press that his”loopy”and weird far right ties in Europe could see Britain relegated to the diplomatic wilderness if he win power.
The New York Times said:”what concern the Obama administration is not Cameron’s loopy Europeans Parliament allies-the Tory leader is clearly a mainstream pragmatist-but the conviction that a Eurosceptic Tory obsession could come undermine British influence in Europe at a time when the Obama administration needs an effective EU partner.”
The newspaper went on “Tory little englandism has become a strange anachronism since the end of the Cold War.
Cameron should lay the ghost to the rest and start by reversing his weird Euro lurch.”Mr Cameron ditched the mainstream right wing group in Brussels to link up with Polish Law and justice and Latvian for fatherland and freedom parties which have been accused of homophobia, ant-Semitism and neo-Nazi ties.
Calling to Sunday 1st of November 2009 Sunday Daily Mirror. World Leaders have told Gordon Brown they are “seething “about David Cameron’s policies on Europe .They are furious at his bid to wreck the Lisbon Treaty, designed to stream line the European Union and create a Euro president. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero all complained to Mr Brown about Tory leader. A senior diplomatic source revealed the three leaders are “incensed “about Mr Cameron sending a letter to Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who has yet to sign the treaty, begging him to delay.
Allies of the three used a summit in Brussels this week to make their unhappiness known to Mr Brown, Foreign Secretary and new Europe Minster Chris Bryant.Mr Brown believes Mr Cameron has put party politics above Britain’s interested.

The PM said:”The Tories and David Cameron are in total disarray over Europe. Despite their claims to have changed as a party, the Tories always cave in to a right wing fringe over Europe.