Monday, 2 November 2009

Conservative MP David Curry

A Conservative MP stood down from the post of chairman of Parliament’s standards committee while his own expenses are being investigated.

David is to refer himself to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner over suggestions he claimed money for a property he was barred from using.
The former minister insisted that he used the property for his parliamentary duties.
The Standards Committee has the power to discipline rule breaking MPs.Mr Curry, MP for Skipton and Ripon in North Yorkshire, only became its chairman two months ago when his predecessor, Sir George Young, was appointed to the shadow cabinet.
The Committee is responsible for deciding what action should be taken against MPs investigated by the Standards Commissioner and whose conduct has been criticised.
'Content with arrangements'
In recent months, it has asked two former ministers, Jacqui Smith and Tony McNulty, to apologise to the House of Commons over their use of the controversial second homes allowance.
The Daily Telegraph has alleged that Mr Curry claimed £30,000 towards a cottage in his constituency - which his wife reportedly demanded he keep away from as part of the conditions of their reconciliation after she discovered he was having an affair.
The MP has referred the allegations to the Parliamentary sleaze watchdog, John Lyon, who is investigating the expenses, claims of a number of MPs from all parties.
In a statement, Mr Curry said: "I used the cottage to carry out my duties as a constituency MP and am content with my arrangements."
But Conservative sources said the MP would stand down from his role as chairman of the Standards Committee pending the inquiry's outcome.
Mr Curry, a former minister in the Major government, was first elected to Parliament in 1987.