Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stephen Lawrence mum Speak out over the BNP

Mother of Stephen Lawrence was telling the Daily Mirror over the BNP.

Doreen Lawrence fears racism will surge back as the BNP rises to prominence, undoing the good of the 16 years since her son Stephen's death.Mrs Lawrence said yesterday :"Over the last few years racism has slid of the Government's agenda and people think it gone away and does not exist. But we all know how the BNP is seeking capitalise on people fears about new minorities coming into the country.

It's obvious what they are trying to do and I still clearly see the BNP as a dangerous organisation which seeks to encourage racism. "Don't let anyone to be fooled by them.

"They would increase racism in this country and tragedy to families of young men born in this country like my son. And attacked and killed because of the colour of his skin."

Imtiaz Amin, the uncle of 19 year-old murder victim Zahid Mubarek, echoed Mrs Lawrence's call.Zahid was murdered by a cellmate at Feltham Young offender institution, London, in March 2000. He was killed by Robert Stewart, a racist and psychopath who showed his Nazi leanings in letters intercepted by prison authorities Mr Amin said."The prison system is a breeding ground for the BNP and continues to exist in the prison population, which is a great concern to us."The BNP has got more organised and tried to rebrand it self but it's but basically a racist party which hasn't changed it spots.

"Society has changed and moved but the BNP hasn't changed with society –it is still offering old wine in new bottles and has to be battled every inch of the way."

Imran iqbal, 15, was badly beaten by thugs who hurled racist abuse at him near his Rochdale home .Crescent radio boss Raes Mahamood khan, a friend of Imran's family, said: People need to voice their opposition to the BNP in the best possible way, and that is through constructive debate and an increase in voter turn out."In some ways it's scary they are going to be on TV but in a way it's good in that it uncovers just how ugly their policies are."