Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Leaders Clash over postal dispute

Today at Prime Minister Question times. David Cameron has accused the Gordon Brown of lacking the "courage and leadership "to intervene the postal dispute to prevent two days of strikes.

Since plans to part-part private the Royal Mail had been has got worse, "the Tory leader said.

Gordon Brown said: that had nothing to do with the dispute and urged unions and managers to agree a deal.

The commons clash came as union leaders met decide whether to go ahead with the strikes on Thursday and Friday.

The postal executive of the communication workers union said meeting to hear a report after more than 30 hours of talks this weeks with Royal Mail about the dispute over jobs, pay and modernisation. They are due to make a statement.

Both sides have been in contact on Wednesday by phone and email but no more face-to-face talks are scheduled of the two planned national -24-hour's strikes.

At Prime ministers Questions, Mr Brown said: the strike would be "counter-productive" for the busineses, its staff and the public. Politicians should be urging "negotiation and mediation." he said, adding: it's nobody's interest that this strike goes ahead.

But Mr Cameron accused the PM of dropping legislation to reform Royal Mail-which was strongly opposed by unions and Labour MPs-adding:"this trade union can sense weakness and they see weakness in the Prime Minster and this Government.

Gordon Brown said: The bill. Which would have sold off part of Royal Mail, Had nothing to do with dispute at the moment", which he said dated back to 2007.

My Comments: David Cameron making a big issue over this, because Lord Peter Madelson already urges union to "pull back from the strike not to take place next 2 days. The 2007 modernisation is at the heart of this dispute and that is what's got to be moved forward. The bill is nothing to do with this dispute.