Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Conservative Party Affair to Remember.

David Cameron has been snubbed by local Tories after he tried to save a female Candidate from the axe over her past fling with a married MP. Liz Tuss, 34, who was selected on Saturday failed to tell activists about the affair with Mark Field Conservative MP for the cities of London and Westminster.

Mr Cameron, who has vowed to increase the number of female Tory MPs, had asked the local party to give Ms Tuss “the support she deserves”. But South West Norfolk Conservative ignored him and last night referred Ms Truss’s selection to the full Association. One Supporter said:”We’re desperate to get more women, but we don’t want people with that sort of baggage”.

Ms Truss, a married mother-of two from Greenwich, South-East London told her local paper.”I have been up front about this issue. It’s an old Story.”

This story from the Daily Mirror.

My Comment

The local Conservative Party did the right thing to ignored David Cameron, because no other Party Leader tells local Party to pick a candidate even if they had a fling a MP.