Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Cameron Top Agenda is bring back Blood Sport

Calling to the daily Mirror the Tories will try to sneak through a bid to overturn the fox hunting ban, despite massive opposition. Officials will put cruel sports at the top of their agenda but plan to bundle the law into a civil rights bill, fearing an outcry if it is pushed on its own its own. But the move has infuriated animal rights groups who claim 60% of Tory voters are against and say David Cameron only interested in keeping a posh minority happy.

A Party source said:”No one wants it to be a stand-alone piece of legislation. It could be much less explosive if it was part of a broader bill that did not attract so much attention to it”. The bid to scrap the hunting with dogs ban will be tied into the repeal bill, which will also axe ID Cards.

Tory environment Chief Nick Herbert yesterday said: there would be no “watering down “of the pledge to restore hunting.

My Comment: David Cameron did made it clear if they win the next General Election there would be a free vote over turn the hunting ban.

But League Against Cruel Sport s said: The Tory party is way out of step with public opinion

Don’t waste on your vote on the Conservative Party Believe killing animals for Blood Sport.

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