Sunday, 26 July 2009

Reason Why Labour should stay in Power

We believe Gordon Brown is the best Prime Minster we ever had, we built up a future for families and businesses.

  1. Labour never lost money. Look back in 1992 David Cameron was special advisor to the man who lost Britain 3.4 billion.that the reason why Labour created the FSA.But the Conservative Party would scrap the FSA and let bank of england take back control.
  2. We gave Real Help for recovery in the down turn,past Conservative Government they didn’t do nothing to help people.
  3. We are investing for Schools, Transport, Jobcentres and renewable energy .
  4. The Conservative Party will scrap the minimum wage, Scrap The Fox Hunting ban.
  5. We gave Winter Fuel Allowance so the elderly can have a warm winter, free bus pass and free TV licence.
  6. Free Health care but the Conservative Party will be creating America health service where people have to pay for there health care, Free prescriptions will be scrapped for people cant afford it.
  7. We will put forward affordable homes for people to get on the property ladder.
  8. Labour done a lot for LGBT,but the Conservative Party opposed the end of free speech.
  9. We Put more Police on the Street , crime been down since 1997 ,But the Conservative Party would make Policemen and women redundant.