Sunday, 7 June 2009

Super-highway for Cyclists

Details of the capital’s first cycle highways” designed to help riders speed into the heart of London were unveiled on last Friday.

The first two corridors, opening by may next year, will be running through Wimbledon to bank and barking to tower hill to give cyclists a “safe, direct and continuous” route in to central London.

And 10 more super high ways will be created before the 2012 Olympics to encourage more Londoners and visitors to get on there bikes. Each route will be-tween 12km and15km.they aim to carry the maximum numbers of people to convenient destinations at the higher speeds-in the same way as a motorway. The lanes ,marked out in blue at the side of the road, will allow cyclists to pedal through some dangerous junctions with out stopping, there will also be map at the road side and paths will be covered with a cycle friendly surface to make the ride much smoother.

My comment

This scheme was really ken livingstone idea back last year, it not really boris Johnson idea.

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