Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Conservative Party true side over the NHS has started

There is a report on the BBC website that the Conservative Party for Wales are planning to scrapping free Prescriptions for people who have low income.

The say Party say those who cant afford it should pay a modest charge in view of the huge financial pressures on

the Welsh NHS.
The assembly government said in a statement: "GPs use their discretion in determining what medication is prescribed based on the patient's clinical needs to avoid the risk of people trying to abuse free prescriptions. "Free prescriptions are a long-term investment in improving health. If people aren't put off seeking the appropriate care, due to financial reasons, their health will improve. "If patients are able to get the treatment they need, it will ultimately help to reduce the long term cost to the health service. "They remove the unfairness in the previous system where people with conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, or those who have had an organ transplant were not entitled to free prescriptions, despite being able to benefit significantly from them."

Let say this have been David Cameron idea because if this happening in Wales. Rest of England will be affected.

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