Friday, 22 May 2009

Reason why vote labour 4th of June

My reason why Labour should win the European election on June the 4th 2009 because David Cameron opposed to do nothing to help the British people through these difficult times and would simply let families sink or swim. From the moment the credit crunch hit Britain ,when facing tough choices on the economy ,his judgement has been wrong.

Labour is giving real help now to families and businesses round the country .labour has introduced a mortgage scheme which provides extra protection to help families stay in their homes if they suffer a temporary fall in income.

Conservative Party
  • Opposed action to protect Northern Rock and stop the danger from spreading through our banking system
  • Opposed an urgent boost to the economy-despite the rest of the world boosting their economies too
  • Opposed Labour’s cut in VAT which will save households an average of £275 off their bills.
  • Opposed Labour’s £145 tax cut for 22 million basic rate tax payers.
  • Opposed Labour’s support to the help pensioners over the winter months with an extra £60 bonus.

Labour Party

  • £60 bonus Extra mortgage protection for homeowners.
  • £145 tax cut for 22 million basic rate taxpayers.
  • Cutting VAT saving households on average £275 off their bills.
  • Increasing Child benefit and Child tax credit.
  • Helping People back into work with skills training.
  • An extra £60 for pensioners on top of rise in the state pension
  • Winter fuel payments of £250 for over 60s and £400 over 80s this year.
  • Raise Statutory Redundancy Pay to £380 per week.
  • a £600 million package to increase housing supply