Saturday, 4 April 2009

Conservative Party mask Slipped over the NHS

Today the Tories' mask slipped on the NHS when it was discovered that leading MEP Dan Hannan had aired his real views on the NHS on US television.

Hannan, an MEP since 1999 and a former Special Adviser to Michael Howard, said: "We’ve lived through this mistake; we’ve lived through this mistake for 60 years now... the reality is it hasn’t worked. It’s made people iller. We spend a lot of money and we get very bad results... We have very few Doctors. We disincentivise people from practising medicine in this country. A lot of our best and brightest Doctors emigrate. A lot of them go to North America because there’s no market."

Asked by Fox News on April 2 why he was giving such a “dire warning to the United States”, Hannan said:

"Because you’re our friends and if you see a friend about to make a terrible mistake you try and warn him ."

Tories recently have made great efforts to convince people of their commitment to the NHS but Hannan's comments suggest that senior Conservatives think differently.

John Prescott record a video out side of the Department of Health in London