Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Cameron True over the Hunting Ban

I Got sent a all members message from Gofourth in Kilmarnock and Loudoun saying that David Cameron would bring a bill to un lift the hunting ban if he win the next Election.

A senior Conservative source now has said, in the Evening Standard, "We are as amazed as anyone else to hear that Edward Garnier is pushing this around the country. David's position is quite clear. Hunting will not be in the manifesto."

However, this is what David Cameron has said in the past:

John Gaunt: "Duncan in Essex, just one of the people who has sent a text in says, 'Please can you ask Dave if he becomes PM how quickly he would he overturn the hunting with dogs ban?'"

David Cameron: "We would let the House of Commons have a free vote very early on and then if there was a vote to get rid of the ban we've said there would be a government bill in government time. That was our position at the last election, it’s our position now. I mean I think the law's a joke really, that's the trouble."

John Gaunt: "Which way would you vote, David?”

David Cameron: "I would vote for the freedom to hunt."

John Gaunt: "You don’t think it's cruel, barbaric?"

David Cameron: "No I don't think it is. I think that the fox population has to be controlled and shooting, gassing and snaring can be worse."

John Gaunt show, TalkSport, 30 January 2007

So, will a repeal of the fox hunting ban be in the Tory manifesto or not?