Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gordon Brown on a Pre-G20 Summit Tour

At the moment Gordon Brown on a Pre G20 summit Tour.

Yesterday Gordon Brown was in Strasbourg.he told European Parliament they need to work with the US to solve the global challenges of economic instability, terrorism and climate change.

New York 25/03/08

Gordon Brown second stop will be in New York,where he will be speaking at a New York University.

Brasilia 26/3/09

Gordon will be travelling to Brasilia to meet with President Lula.

Sao Paulo 26/3/09
From Brasilia Gordon Brown will move on to Sao Paulo, visiting the Museum of Football before speaking to business leaders about the economy and the London Summit.

Santiago 27/3/09

The final stop on the tour is in Santiago, Chile, where Gordon Brown will meet with President Bachelet before speaking at the Progressive Governance Conference.