Sunday, 29 March 2009

Conservative Party Cllrs dropping like flies

At the moment David Cameron leadership is failing has numbers of his cllrs are resigning at the moment.

Last Week Terry Hipsey the leader of Thurrock Council resign from the Conservative Party and Join Labour.

Council Leader Terry Hipsey said, "When speaking to constituents, I cannot justify David Cameron's decision to make his number one priority in a recession a tax cut, which would give hundreds of thousands of pounds to millionaires, but do nothing for the vast majority of Thurrock families".

Our new member now leaves Thurrock with an issue of leadership. With Labour and the Conservatives now having 23 councillors each, the balance of power is in the hands of the one BNP and two Independent councillors.

If Hipsey remains Leader, he may not command a majority sufficient to appoint a Labour Cabinet, and not least, the leader of the Labour Group would not be the leader of the council.

However, if he resigned from the Council Leadership, the Leader of the Labour Group might also not command a majority sufficient to lead the Council.

I would be inclined to take the first option. So even if Labour is left with a council Leader held hostage by a Tory Cabinet, it would be a massive campaign advantage to be able to publicise everything the Cabinet refuses to pass. Furthermore, these Cabinets have access to far more information about the running of an authority than is available to the opposition.

Fun and games in Thurrock. Welcome to the Labour Party Terry Hipsey.

Then Perry Lewis has resigned from the Concervatives Party for workingham council.

Wokingham Without councillor Perry Lewis has resigned after 13 years representing the ward, getwokingham can reveal.

The Tory councillor and former leader of Wokingham Borough Council has handed out his letter of resignation and has left with immediate effect.

Speaking exclusively to the Wokingham Times and getwokingham this morning, cllr Lewis said he wanted to spend more time with his family and allow “new blood” into the political arena.

“Thirteen years is a very long time – most councillors don’t actually do that long – and it's probably about time to let someone else, who has a fresh approach and fresh ideas about things, into the fold," he said.

First elected to represent Wokingham Without in 1996, cllr Lewis had recently been appointed chairman of the finance overview and scrutiny panel, which is responsible for investigating how the authority came to invest more than £5 million pounds in to failed Icelandic banks.