Monday, 22 May 2017

Plaid Cymru continue to do the Tories’ work for them

Wayne David, Welsh Labour’s General Election campaign chair and candidate for Caerphilly, said:
“Plaid Cymru continue to do the Tories’ work for them, talking Wales down and leaving the door open for five more years of Tory cuts in Wales. Only Welsh Labour are standing up for Wales, on jobs, investment in public services and on housing.

“On every key issue facing Wales at this election, Plaid are rudderless and divided, hamstrung by their obsession with dogma over delivery.

“The Nationalists are divided over Brexit, silent on Wylfa Newydd, and have no credible plan for the infrastructure investment that Wales needs. They have also voted repeatedly with the Tories and UKIP in Wales to try and block funding for our schools and NHS.

“Unforgivably, Plaid Cymru have twice tried to put the Tories into Government in Wales. Despite saying throughout the Assembly campaign that they would never do a deal with the Tories, the first thing Plaid did after the election was to reach out to the Tories and UKIP to form a government.

“It’s more clear than ever that this General Election is a straight fight between Welsh Labour and the Tories. Leanne Wood knows her party cannot win the election, and a vote for Plaid Cymru will help hand victory to the Tories.”

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Labour will Put 800 more Police on the streets in Wales

Labour is today (2/5/17) committing to providing funding to the 43 forces across England and Wales to hire an extra 10,000 officers operating in community policing roles.
In Wales, this will mean at least 853 new police officers, one for every electoral ward in the country, which will be funded by reversing cuts to Capital Gains Tax.
The 853 new officers will be in addition to the 500 additional Community Support Officers already funded by the Welsh Labour Government.
Under the Tories, police numbers in Wales have been slashed by more than 10 per cent, with the total police workforce falling from 7639 to 6625.

Shadow Welsh Secretary, Christina Rees MP, said:
“Despite their promises to protect our communities, the Tories at Westminster have slashed Welsh police numbers. Their reckless approach has put Welsh communities at risk.
“Labour will stand up for Wales and reduce crime by putting more police in the community, with funding for an extra bobby on the beat in each electoral ward.”
Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children, Carl Sargeant, said:
“The Labour Party’s plans to increase police numbers in Wales show how a Labour Government at Westminster would work with our Welsh Labour Government to protect communities and stand up for Wales.
“By funding 853 new police officers alongside the 500 Community Support Officers that the Welsh Labour Government is already funding, Labour will continue to deliver for the people of Wales, working to make our communities safer”.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

First Minister Carwyn Jones – “We’re committed to a sensible Brexit that secures Wales’ future



First Minister Carwyn Jones said:
“Today signals the end of months of speculation and the start of a critical period of negotiation which will shape our future relationship with Europe and the wider world.

“We remain committed to the priorities set out in our white paper, Securing Wales’ Future, which puts full and unfettered access to the Single Market first and foremost.

“Our white paper sets out a sensible negotiating position for the UK as a whole, and has already influenced the UK Government’s approach in important areas including maintaining full access to the Single Market, upholding existing employment rights and the importance of transitional arrangements.

“While we have often been frustrated with the processes by which we’ve arrived at this point today, we must now concentrate on the job in hand. We stand ready to work constructively with the UK Government to secure a deal which protects Welsh businesses, our economy and the future prosperity of Wales.

“If, as negotiations progress, we believe our priorities are not being championed or our representation falls below a level we find acceptable, we will not remain silent. We will not allow Wales to be side-lined – we will be outspoken and our voice will be heard.

“As a leader of a country which voted to leave the EU, we are wholly focused on securing Wales’ future. We will step up to the plate and do all we can to deliver the best possible outcome for Wales.”